NYMDA COVID-19 Resource Project

Prevent, control, and treat COVID-19 and other viral respiratory infections within the LTC population.

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), the New York Medical Directors Association (NYMDA), and Health Research Inc. (HRI) are pleased to introduce the NYMDA COVID-19 Resource Project. This project aims to support nursing home leaders and staff in their efforts to prevent, control, and treat COVID-19 and other viral respiratory infections among the vulnerable long-term care population. Funding for this project was awarded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As part of this collaboration, NYMDA has created a network of local providers to support high-quality medical services in New York nursing homes.  The project consists of no-cost access to NYMDA Project Coaches who can assist facility medical directors, leadership, and staff with navigating issues such as staff and resident vaccination, advice and guidance regarding treatment and prophylaxis, and assistance with design and implementation of isolation and cohorting programs both before and in response to a respiratory infection outbreak. In addition, NYMDA Project Coaches can assist facilities with making regional connections to share best practices for respiratory infection prevention and control in the long-term care setting. The project provides an open-access website with useful easy-to-find tools such as template policies and procedures, isolation signage, and much more.