The Foundation for Quality Care has been involved in supporting long-term care and assisted living facilities to address and improve their efforts to be prepared for all emergencies so that residents, staff and critical infrastructure is protected. They have received grants from the New York State Department of Health related to emergency preparedness activities since 2007. The most recent activities include:

Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning (CEMP) Development

Through collaboration with OHEP and the Regional Training Centers (RTC) the FQC will provide technical assistance to support assisted living and nursing home CEMP plan development. This includes input on initial and final drafts on the RTC plan documents, distribution of materials to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and participate in training.

Interoperable Communications (IOC)

FQC will participate in the design and conduct two of OHEP led IOC Drills through support of the Medical Countermeasures (MCM) during a Medical Surge Response and supporting providers in designated regions through participation in quarterly HEPC meetings.