NAB CE Registry Requirements for Administrators

As of April 1st, 2018, all licensed NHAs and ALAs will need to be registered with NAB for their CEU tracking and certificates. This registry is the first of its kind and will be free of charge to all long-term care licensees. Registration is a quick 3-minute process via the NAB website.

Please review NAB’s Announcement Flyer for details.

Skilled Nursing Facilities:
For detailed Step by Step Instructions, please check out this  User Guide from NAB.

Assisted Living Instructions:

1. Go to the NAB website via Select Not a Member? Sign Up and follow the on-screen instructions to create your username and password.

2. Once you have completed your account set up, contact NAB via email to with the following message:

Dear Sir: I have just created my account on the NAB website and I am an Assisted Living Executive Director in NYS and you don’t have a license Number. By request of this email I ask that you send me my NAB Identifier.

3. Once you review your number you will need to update your state license information by logging onto with your credentials.

On the “Manage My Account” page please click “CE Registry.”

A new page, nabweb.learningbuilder, will open up.  Please click on “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  This will redirect you to your Account Details page.  Please click the Complete/ Begin/ Start CE Registry button.  This will open up the Practitioner: Edit Role page.  You can fill in the appropriate state license fields, using your NAB ID as your state license number, then scroll to the bottom and click on Save/ Continue.

Tips for Registering

When registering you will be requested to identify a company, please leave this information blank.

It is your discretion to use either your facility or home information for such things as address, phone and email but please note that if you have changes to your contact information you will need to remember to update your information on the NAB registry.

Once you complete your registry information, please submit your new NAB number to Erin Fitzgerald,, we will maintain this information in our database for easy filing of your credits.

Additional Administrator Resources

For additional information on how to qualify for licensure as a nursing home administrator in New York State, please check out NYS Department of Health’s Qualification Information

Social Worker & Activities Credit
Credits offered at the Annual March Conference. Certificates will be issued after the program completion.

Credits offered for many educational programs, certificates will be sent after program completion.

NYSHFA Staff Contact
Erin Armstrong  |  (518) 462-4800 ext. 22.  |