The New York State Health Facilities Association, Inc. was founded in 1949 in Syracuse, New York.  It was originally named the New York State Nursing Home Association. Actually, the “seeds” for the Association were planted in the fall of 1947, when a group of nursing home representatives met to discuss plans to create a state-wide organization of nursing home administrators. The newly organized group grew in numbers, and in 1949 the New York State Nursing Home Association officially came into existence, dedicated to improving the health and welfare of the chronically ill and the aged in New York State. At that time, the membership was made up primarily of nursing homes in the Westchester, Buffalo and Syracuse areas.  In 1973, the membership voted to change its name to the New York State Health Facilities Association, Inc. (NYSHFA), to better represent the range of providers the Association wished to serve. In 2009, the Association expanded its services to include adult care and assisted living communities when it established the New York State Center for Assisted Living (NYSCAL).

Today, the NYSHFA | NYSCAL offices are conveniently located in Albany, NY across from the Capital and moments from the Department of Health offices. Representing nearly 400 skilled nursing providers and adult care/assisted living communities, NYSHFA | NYSCAL members and their 60,000 employees provide essential long-term care services to over 65,000 elderly, frail and physically challenged women, men and children throughout New York State.


To assist post-acute, assisted living and long-term care providers achieve excellence through leadership, professional development and active involvement in the shaping of public policy.


Through communication, education and collaboration, NYSHFA | NYSCAL will position its members to be recognized by government, health care community and general public as industry experts in quality long term care services in New York State.