The NYS Budget Process

The New York State budget process commences at the beginning of each calendar year with the Executive developing and preparing a budget proposal. The Senate and Assembly modifies the proposal then works with the Executive to enact a final budget into law.

Pursuant to the State Constitution, the Governor is required to consider proposals, policies, and input from State Agencies for state expenditures and the revenues required to support them. This is submitted to the Legislature along with other bills required to carry out budgetary recommendations (revenue bills, appropriation bills).

While the State’s fiscal year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31, the New York State Health Facilities Association (NYSHFA)/ New York State Center for Assisted Living (NYSCAL) is busy advocating for measures for inclusion during the time when the Agencies are preparing prior to the time when the Governor is putting the proposal together. This process continues through Legislative Visitation Day (LVD) with members, and ends when the Enacted Budget is available on April 1 of each year.


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