NYSHFA | NYSCAL accepts individuals and companies that supply goods or services to New York’s Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing providers into our Associate Member Program.

Associate Members may represent many different categories, including: accounting, architecture, asset management, consulting, dental services, dietary services, energy management, equipment and furnishings, financial services, group purchasing, human resource services, insurance programs, interior and landscape design, investment banking, laundry and uniform rental services, legal services, nutritional products, medical supply distributors, billing services, mortgage banking services, pharmaceuticals and pharmacy services, portable X-Ray / EKG, psychological services, real estate services, rehabilitation services, televised training and traveling clothing stores.

Associate Membership Application

Benefits & Values of Associate Membership

Access to NYSHFA | NYSCAL Members and primary Member Contacts. (Includes networking opportunities, participation on NYSHFA | NYSCAL Committees, and mailing list of members in excel document format)

Access to Locked/Secure Members Only content on NYSHFA | NYSCAL website

Company listing in online Membership Directory on NYSHFA | NYSCAL website

Co-Marketing Opportunities to NYSHFA | NYSCAL Membership

Exhibition opportunities with reduced exhibitor fees at all NYSHFA | NYSCAL conferences

Sponsorship opportunities for NYSHFA | NYSCAL Education and Events

Staff referrals to NYSHFA | NYSCAL Members

Complimentary subscriptions to NYSHFA News and NYSCAL News e-Newsletters

Associate Member Guidelines

Associate Members represent organizations that supply goods and / or services to nursing facilities, residential care facilities or have a professional interest in the long-term care industry. Associate Membership is not available to those eligible for the facility or provider-based Membership, or an organization that competes with the Association in terms of membership, services, programs, or in other areas.

Applications must be approved by the NYSHFA | NYSCAL Board of Directors, or their designee, according to those standard qualifications and procedures which have been established by the Board of Directors.

Following Board of Director Approval, dues will not be refunded. If the Board of Directors denies the application, a full refund will be issued.

The NYSHFA | NYSCAL Board of Director reserves the right to approve or disapprove all applications.

Associate Member dues are renewed each year. Payment is due January 1st. Dues not received by January 31st may result in the suspension of Associate Member benefits.

NYSHFA | NYSCAL maintains an active database for mailing addresses and contact names for each Associate Member, which is accessible by the association membership.