C.A.R.E. Committee

The Committee, a separate legal entity from the Association, complies fully with the State Election Law.  The purpose is to consider state political contributions to individuals who share the goals and visions of the Association and its members.  The Committee receives advice and counsel from President & CEO.

Clinical/Quality Services

The purpose of this Committee is to identify clinical and quality care issues in skilled nursing facilities and to research, educate and design products to assist with enhancing clinical competence and quality improvement systems. Activities associated with this Committee are:

(1) Discuss current federal and state survey trends; (2) Provide review and seek clarification on facility implementation of federal and state compliance guidelines; (3) Develop educational programs and tools to assist providers with meeting current requirements and developing best practices in both clinical care and quality initiatives; (4) Encourage providers to participate in grant and research projects specific to clinical and quality initiatives for the residents in skilled nursing facilities; and (5) Recognize exemplary employees and volunteers through selection of the recipients of the annual Employee Recognition and Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Constitution & By Laws Committee

The responsibilities of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee are: (1) To propose, receive, study and recommend amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association; (2) To investigate and resolve any disputes concerning credential certification of delegates to general membership meetings, and to report its decision to the members at such membership meeting; and (3) To establish the rules of permanent organization for all meetings of the general membership.

Education & Conference Planning

The Committee, comprised of skilled nursing, assisted living and associate members, provides recommendations for educational programming throughout the year as well as specific guidance for the Annual Conference.  The guidance for the annual conference will include areas such as site selection, logistics, speaker referrals, marketing and program development based on themes for the year. 

Ethics & Grievance

The responsibilities of the Ethics & Grievance Committee are: (1) To investigate all grievances or complaints and to make recommendations concerning same to the Board; (2) To hold hearings, when directed by the Board, on grievances and to keep a written record of such hearings which are to be delivered to the Board together with a report and recommendation at the conclusion of the hearing; and (3) To formulate rules for conducting meetings or hearings of the Committee.

Legal/Legislative/Regulatory Committee

The Legal/Legislative/Regulatory Affairs Committee reviews, analyzes and addresses legislation, rules and regulations, as well as legal issues of import affecting skilled nursing and assisted living providers.

Multi-Facility Committee

The Multi-Facility Owner Committee consists of the CEO’s or designated executive level leaders of NYSHFA’s multi-facility SNF members with 5 or more facilities and 1,000 or more skilled nursing beds in ownership. The Chair of this Committee serves as a member of the NYSHFA Board of Directors.

The Committee advises NYSHFA and its Board regarding the unique issues and needs of multi-facility members and engages this constituency in support of NYSHFA’s core services to its membership. The Committee will assist in supporting and planning educational and networking opportunities for CEO/Senior Executives throughout the year. Additionally, the Committee participates in legislative/regulatory/legal update conference calls as well as calls with American Health Care Association (AHCA) leadership and meetings with key political leaders and policymakers.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares and submits to the first meeting of the membership at the annual conference its nominees for election as officers of the Association. In making its nominations, the Committee considers any individuals whose names were submitted in accordance with Section 1 of Article III of the Bylaws.

Payment for Services

This Committee identifies and recommends Association policy on finance and reimbursement issues for our members. Current Medicaid and Medicare topics are discussed, in addition to providing managed care and legal updates. The Committee interacts with the Dept. of Health and other healthcare Associations as appropriate, to resolve member concerns. The Committee is made up of regional representatives as well as at-large members.