Our Platinum Sponsors have contributed $10,000 to the Foundation of Quality Care to assist with our top priorities, which include:

•  Increasing & maintaining our SNF | AL workforce

•  Enhancing the ability of providers to deliver high-level post-acute care services

•  Advocating for policies that ensure the safety & well-being of our elders.

Our Platinum Sponsors will be supporting each of our events and stand ready to assist our members with their quality products and services.

If you too would like to be a Platinum Sponsor and support New York’s long-term care workforce and the residents they provide for, please reach out to Laurie Robertson at lrobertson@nyshfa.org. Get involved today!

FRIEDLANDER GROUPFriedlander Group is the Workers’ Compensation leader in New York. Their nine Safety Groups and Workers’ Care program have saved their 3,500 clients $550 million over the past 30 years. Friedlander Group is the largest and fastest-growing broker with NYSIF. Their safety groups offer up to a 35% advance discount and average dividends of 29% since 1992 (dividends are not guaranteed).

Contact: Donna Nygard   |   E: donnan@friedlandergroup.com  •  Maria Thomas   |   E: mariat@friedlandergroup.com

For more information on Friedlander Group, visit FriedlanderGroup.com.

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Kare logoKARE is the first labor marketplace dedicated solely to the Senior Housing and Post-Acute industry. KARE connects independent frontline HEROES with Senior Care Communities and Nursing Homes. Through KARE communities set their own pay rates, choose the workers they want at their building, and can hire our HEROES for free if there is a fit. All KARE workers in New York are fully vetted, background checked, and have all compliance documentation collected including CHRC authorization and required demographic information. KARE’s revolutionary approach to solving labor challenges has helped New York communities save over 60% compared to staffing agencies and reduce overtime spending.

Contact: Kyle Benesch   |   E: kbenesch@doyoukare.com

For more information on KARE, LLC, visit doyoukare.com

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Z.RADAR LOGOSNF payment has become exponentially more complex in recent years. Experienced MDS Coordinators and HMO case managers are in high demand. SNFs need expert MDS professionals managing the intricacies of PDPM, CMI, and the offsetting dynamics of CMMI payment models. As importantly, case managers capable of capturing every dollar from increasingly powerful Medicare Advantage plans are essential to the SNF revenue cycle. z.RADAR offers scalable, remote solutions to today’s clinical-reimbursement challenges. We provide ongoing oversight, interim coverage, and permanent outsourcing staffing contracts that often prove more cost-effective than traditional in-house models.

Contact: Amy Goldsmith    |   E: AGoldsmith@z-radar.com

For more information on z.RADAR, visit z-radar.com

Support long-term care and become a sponsor with all the benefits of additional exposure through our events marketing and communications efforts. Connect with Laurie Robertson at lrobertson@nyshfa.org and grab all the details of the package offered.