Platinum Sponsor LogoOur Platinum Sponsors who have contributed $10,000 to the Foundation of Quality Care to assist with our top priorities, which include:

  • Increasing & maintaining our SNF | AL workforce
  • Enhancing the ability of providers to deliver high-level post-acute care services
  • Advocating for policies that ensure the safety & well-being of our elders.

Our Platinum Sponsors will be supporting each of our events and stand ready to assist our members with their quality products and services.

Please reach out to our Platinum Sponsors and take advantage of their outstanding services.






Contact: Eileen Seigal   |   T: 732-970-0733 x231  |   F: 732-970-0736

Zimmet Healthcare Services Group, LLC is a full-service consulting firm committed to developing innovative solutions to the challenges of operating in the post-acute care industry. We are a nationally recognized leader in post-acute care reimbursement, regulatory compliance, management solutions, performance/market analytics, quality reporting, and strategic growth.

Zimmet Healthcare is simply unmatched in our ability to provide “full-spectrum” consulting services that incorporate the complex clinical, financial, and strategic considerations required to succeed in today’s highly competitive post-acute care marketplace.