The Director – Plant Operations is responsible for the daily maintenance of the physical plant and its operations including Plant Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering Fire & Life Safety and Project Management in all areas of the OBH Kingsbrook Campus including the Rutland Nursing Home located on campus and the Pierre Toussaint Family Health Center located off campus. This position is the liaison between hospital and outside agencies, including, but not limited to the Fire Department (FDNY), Con Edison and associated Utilities, NYC Department of Buildings, TJC, CMS, OSHA, the Justice Department, DEP, NYCDOH and the NYSDOH among others. Position requires on-call, around the clock availability to respond to the site as deemed required based on the urgency of the matter presented and/ or as directed by SET, AOD/ AOC, among others. This position reports into the Vice President, Operations and may act in that capacity during his/her absence or as assigned. Salary is $130k-$150 per year.

• Directly manages and directs the daily operations of the physical plant and its operations, Plant Engineering, BioMedical Engineering and Project Management with a unionized trade workshop.
• Knowledgeable of and complies with all current versions of codes, standards and practices generated by regulatory agencies having jurisdiction, especially NYSDOH, CMS and TJC as well as all documents reference by these AHJ in their communications
• Will assist in the coordination and serves as the single liaison between hospital & outside agencies including, but not limited to Fire Department (FDNY), Con Edison and associated Utilities, NYC Department of Buildings, TJC, CMS, OSHA, the Justice Department, DEP, NYCDOH and the NYSDOH among others.
• Demonstrates the ability to perform clinical/ technical/ service/ administrative tasks in coordination of all department operations and projects.
• Plans work schedules and determine staff requirements. Monitors productivity of all Trade Shops reporting into this position and associated Trade Shop personnel to ensure that all work is performed satisfactorily, on schedule and within budget.
• Maintains effective communications and working relationships with hospital personnel.
• Administers and implements the preventive maintenance program to ensure uninterrupted operation of the entire physical plant and campus.
• Acts as liaison between Leadership, managers, supervisors and departmental staff.
• Interviews, hires and conducts performance appraisals and when necessary disciplines subordinates in accordance with hospital policy and handles other miscellaneous personnel matters and related tasks. Advise and guide staff through personnel policies and procedures, discipline matters and issues involving or concerning Human Resources.
• Initiates and generates written management plans and policies/ procedures for Facilities and associated management plans such as the Utilities Management Plan and Life Safety Management Plan.
• Initiates, generates, prepares and maintains all required record documentation and reports/ files for all local, state and federal jurisdictions and all regulatory and accreditation agencies as required.
• Responds to and caused correction of any violation issued to the organization by agencies having jurisdiction (AHJ). Will perform such corrective actions prior to the respond date to minimize any potential monetary fines that could be imposed on the organization. Will attend all hearings and other required response forums for any issued violation by AHJ.
• Communicates and ensures the VP, Operations and other SET members are kept fully up-to-date on the operation of those departments under the responsibility of this position.
• Inspects facility periodically to determine the need for immediate temporary or emergency repairs and to ensure that proper corrective and/ or preventive measures are taken.
• Prepares the entire campus for all surveys and inspections of AHJ, insurance companies or other entities that require a level of knowledge regarding the operation of this organization.
• Manages all trade storerooms and other areas assigned to the Facilities Department.
• Will maintain or cause to be maintained monthly utility bills for usage of utilizes including, electricity, steam, natural gas and water serving the main campus and will generate associated reports.
• Administer and manage a computerized work order and PM system.
• Prepares construction or renovation specifications and plans in collaborate with consulting engineers and architects when necessary.
• Monitor all operational and capital commitments and expenditures.
• Administer Financial Records Database System.
• Analyzes costs and work schedules, setting priorities, expediting operations and repairs on a daily basis.
• Participates in EOC Building and Utility Systems rounds/ inspections to determine need for alterations, maintenance and repairs
• Prepares management plan and associated Policies and Procedures.
• Performs other tasks as assigned by VP, Operations or other Senior Executive Team members.

Clinical/ Technical/Service
• Assists the Vice President, Operations with coordination of all operations and projects.
• Monitors productivity of various shop personnel and office staff to ensure that all work is completed efficiently and timely.
• Prepares annual operating budget and allocates and monitors expenses and prepares monthly variance reports.
• Formulates and revises department policies and procedures.
• Advises VP, Operations of progress, completion and costs of projects and repairs while maintaining records regarding such costs.
• Maintains effective communications and working relationships with all Medical Center personnel.
• Monitor all operational and capital overtime, prepare and submit capital overtime reports to the Finance Department for budget reimbursement of overtime funds.
• Makes recommendations on major repair and construction projects performed by contractors or in-house staff.
• Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care, based on physical, psychosocial, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the patients served in assigned area.

Organizational/ Managerial
• Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities.
• Maintains patient/employee confidentiality in the management of information.
• Observes the Health Care System’s compliance policies.

Educational/ Professional Development
• Participates in the development of staff members.
• Meets regulatory, licensure and annual health assessment requirements.
• Identifies learning strengths and needs
• Utilizes learning resources.

• Demonstrates a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude in dealing with patients, Families and significant others.
• Displays courtesy, tact and patience during interactions with all members of the hospital staff and extended community.
• May be required to perform other duties as assigned or perform other duties when necessary.


• Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, preferred in mechanical or electrical engineering
or architecture is required or equivalent experience in Facilities Management in a
Healthcare environment. Equivalent experience in lieu of a bachelor’s degree for
this position is a minimum of 20 years of Facilities Management experience in a
TJC accredited and/or a NYSDOH Inspected Health Care Facility would be
• Advance degree in an Engineering discipline or Architecture preferred.
• Professional Engineering or Registered Architect, preferred.

• Minimum fifteen(15) years f progressive experience in management of maintenance, facilities management, construction operations, maintenance of equipment, utilities, fire & life Safety in an accredited and/or a NYSDOH Inspected Healthcare environment experience.

Knowledge and Skills:
• Ability to work in surroundings with degree of dust, noise, etc. without undue discomfort.
• Ability to hear, talk, walk, stand, bend and stretch
• Ability to read, write and interpret documents
• Ability to sit for long periods of time at desk to perform job functions
• Ability to stand for long periods of time at required patient bedside and/or procedural areas
• Ability to communicate effectively with patients and/or co-workers
• May be exposed to mechanical/electrical/radiant/explosive/burn and chemical hazards.
• May be required to handle, dispose of and/or identify hazardous waste and hazardous materials
• May be required to operate and clean equipment
• May be required to work both indoor/outdoor under extreme temperatures.
• May be required to handle reasonably heavy weights across distances
• May be required to handle/ assist in lifting patients onto/out of exam beds/procedure stations
• May be required to operate heavy vehicles
• Must be trained in and knowledgeable of all Kingsbrook/Rutland policies and procedures pertaining to hazardous waste and hazardous materials and maintain qualifications applicable to assigned work
• Other: Knowledge of all codes and demonstrate understanding

Company Info

Company Name
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center & Rutland Nursing Home

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Contact Name
Tony Renteria, Vice President of Operations


(718) 604-5993


585 Schenectady Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Kings County

Facility Type: Skilled Nursing