This program will provide the needed information as defined by the New York State Department of Health Paid Feeding Assistant curriculum. The knowledge gained by all participants will assist in the utilization of the approved Paid Feeding Assistant program at their facility. This course is consistent with all state and federal regulations for nursing homes.

What You Will Take Away

  • Have the capacity to implement a state / federal approved Paid Feeding Assistant program at their facility
  • List the NYSDOH requirements necessary before starting a Paid Feeding Assistant program
  • Incorporate multiple strategies in the implementation of the program
  • Provide education to selected staff on the basics of nutrition, hydration and feeding techniques in a safe environment
  • Communicate the importance of maintaining the resident’s dignity

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2020 Course Schedule

Program Training Topics

  • Resident Rights
  • Infection Control
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures (Heimlich Maneuver)
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Changes in Resident’s Conditions
  • Appropriate Response to Resident Behavior
  • Assistance with Feeding and Hydration
  • Feeding Techniques
  • Implement Strategies of Resident and Staff Selections