While most residents of long-term care centers return home, many individuals require care through their final stages of life. This is often an emotional and challenging time for the family of the individual and the staff who cares for the resident. Whether for a few months or for years, quality of life is a critical element to any care plan.

Quality of Life Resources

Culture Change in Long-Term Care
This CMS resource answers questions regarding center implementation of culture change.

Quality Assisted Living: Informing Practice Through Research
This book uniquely explores the lives of those who live in assisted living communities, seeking to understand and evaluate their perceived ideas of what constitutes quality of life. It provides results from a study funded by the National Institute on Aging that gathered information from residents and staff and family members, to help better understand how quality of life should be conceived and evaluated.


Return of Compassion to Healthcare
We are born to relate, to connect, and to bond. The most noble of human relationships is compassion. No other profession is as closely associated with the virtue of compassion as is healthcare. Person-centeredness advocates that ideally all caregiving should occur in a cultural climate that promotes healing. Can managers create a person-centered ambiance if they have to live by the mandate of the market place? This book sorts out these tectonic shifts within a humanistic perspective.


End-of-Life Care

Anyone can suddenly face serious life-threatening illness and death. People should plan ahead, know their choices, and share their wishes. This can help with making sound decisions. Patients deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion and to receive care that is focused on their goals. Families deserve to receive support. Accomplishing these goals requires patients, families, and professionals to be educated, engaged and empowered.

Find information on advanced care planning, pain management and more end-of-life resources at CompassionandSupport.org

End of Life: Nursing Solutions for Death With Dignity
This professional clinical guide presents detailed implementation strategies for accommodating dying persons and their loved ones. Using various cases as examples, it illustrates the need for a dignified death and advocates for the use of a Golden Room – a place for dying that facilitates a dignified, peaceful, and profound experience for dying persons and their loved ones.