The FLM Train the Trainer Course is a two- day program that will provide the participant with an outline and curriculum to teach the 8-Day First Line Manager Course, the course text, adult learning principles, and consultation to participants when training is conducted in the facilities. This program is for Nurse Leaders with experience in management and Staff Development Coordinators to expand the training of First Line Managers across New York State. This program is now only offered when the Foundation needs new instructors.

Program Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret the First Line Manager competencies
  • Apply the Principles of Teaching/Learning and Adult Learning Theory
  • Discuss the Myer’s Briggs assessment tool and its relationship to personal styles
  • Teach and/or Facilitate the teaching of the 8-day course
  • Organize a process to provide an FLM program in their facility
  • Demonstrate a method to evaluate the learning of the participants

What You Will Take Away

  • In-depth knowledge of the Myers Briggs Assessment Tool
  • Competencies of the manager role
  • Techniques to enhance the managers akills
  • Teaching strategies for the adult learner
  • A comprehensive approach to teaching the 8 -Day First Line Manager Program
  • Resources for management development