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Supplies Shortages of PPE supplies may occur. The NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) asks all facilities to compare their existing inventories of PPE, such as face shields, gowns, gloves, masks, N95 respirators, against the expected rate of use of these items under a surge situation, to determine the quantities needed to be on hand.

Review the following steps:

  1. Conduct, secure and monitor the inventory of supplies currently onsite.
  2. Use existing vendor agreements and procurement plans to place orders for quantities needed by the type and size of PPE.
  3. Activate existing Mutual Aid Agreements to obtain available support from partners.
  4. Notify County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) when all existing agreements are exhausted and supply needs exceed those available from these sources.
  5. Coordinate with County OEM to identify and utilize other existing county resources.
  6. Notify the respective DOH Regional Office of ongoing need.

If all local resources have been exhausted, submit a request, via your County OEM, to the NYS OEM. The request should include as much detail as available, but include at a minimum the following elements:

  • Type and Quantity of PPE by size
  • Point of Contact at the requesting facility or system
  • Delivery location
  • Date request is needed to be filled by o Record of pending orders Please note that in order to assure adequate time to process and fill a request (as resources are available) A request should be submitted via your County OEM no later than 10 days before an item is out of stock at the requesting facility.